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St Paul's Roman Catholic Primary School



Our Approach to the Teaching of Reading

Our aim is to provide an environment where a love of reading is fostered, where children can grow as readers and develop a life-long love of books.

Reading begins in Early Years when children are introduced to a range of high quality books, both fiction and non-fiction. Children are encouraged to share stories and lots of opportunities are provided for them to join in, retell and discuss what has been read. Children learn that print carries meaning. The Jolly Phonics Programme is used to develop letter and sound relationships, before learning about letter formation with the Read Write Inc Programme. Tricky words are introduced and stories with simple words and sentences are used to teach children how to read. Splat bags are sent home as part of  home / school liaison, encouraging  families to share in reading for pleasure.

In Key Stage One children continue to develop their phonic skills by following the Read Write Inc Programme. They are taught to read through a rigorous, progressive programme of phonics and red (tricky) words. Pupils are taught in groups to match their progress, rather than age and are assessed every 6 weeks to ensure that no pupil is coasting. 1:1 intervention is provided to ensure no pupil is left behind. These sessions are 45 minutes, three times a week and are taught in addition to English lessons, not as a substitute. This ensures children have opportunities to develop key skills in all aspects of word reading and comprehension. Progress in phonics and reading fluency is assessed and recorded and the results of the Phonic Screening Check in Y1 are shared with parents or carers.

Children listen to staff modelling how to read a wide variety of texts, and have many opportunities to read aloud themselves. During reading sessions there are opportunities for comprehension skills to be developed and new words can be discussed thus extending vocabulary. High quality books are used and well known authors provide a focus for a real love of stories and reading.

Colour-banded reading books are taken home each night in Reception and Class 1, 2 and 3. Reading for pleasure is always encouraged and children are given a choice from a range of quality reading materials within their ability range. From Year 3 -6, children are reading their own choice of text or library book, with guidance from the teacher.

Parents and carers are asked to share the book at home and provide their child with an opportunity to practise their reading skills. Guidance is provided by the class teacher as to how best do this. Parents and carers are encouraged to comment on their child’s approach to reading the book.

Once children are independent readers they are expected to select their own books from a wide range of quality reading material. Pupils across the school have access to a lending library so books can be taken home to share. The school uses a variety of reading schemes which are aimed at developing different skills: phonological development, word recognition, comprehension, fluency, expression and sustained reading. The main schemes are Oxford Reading Tree and Heinemann Story Worlds, however there are several supplementary schemes used.

Pupils in KS2 also have the opportunity to access ‘First News’ a quality newspaper for children with a variety of additional reading materials to accompany the weekly issue.