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St Paul's Roman Catholic Primary School


The Student Council is an elected group of students who work together to represent the pupils of our school. From Year 2 to Year 6, each class has two representatives, one boy and one girl. Children volunteer for the role, they give a short election speech to their class explaining why they should be on the Student Council. The class then privately vote. This process results in an enthusiastic and committed Student Council.

Meetings are usually held every fortnight during lunchtime. Children have the opportunity to raise any issues that they or their fellow pupils may be concerned about. They also feedback any suggestions from their class suggestion box. The Student Council then discuss the most important issue and work on this. This often involves the children liaising with Mrs Sinclair and the school governors. This can include organising ideas for fundraising, whole school events or spending Student Council funds to improve our school.

Each year the children take on a long term goal to assist the school. This time it is to ‘encourage everybody to look after our environment and ourselves.’

Miss Wilberforce

Junior Road Safety Officers

This year our Student Council includes two Junior Road Safety Officers, one from Year 5 and one from Year 6. This will allow the Student council to work together to raise the awareness of road safety to pupils, parents and the local community throughout the year. The children will choose their own initiatives in order to promote different road safety themes.

Be Bright, Be Seen

After discussing with the Student Council, our JRSO members decided to make pupils aware of how to stay safe during darker nights. The Student Council decided to run a whole school poster competition. They spoke to each class about ways in which we can stay safe and ‘Be bright and be seen’ on darker nights. For pupils who wished to enter, they needed to design a poster illustrating ways that children can ‘Be bright and be seen’ as darker nights approach. The Student Council are to announce the winning posters on the 10thof November and then display these posters around school to raise awareness.

Well done to the winners.  These eye-catching posters can be found around the school.

Apostleship of the Sea – Seafarer Donations

In order to help those in our wider community, the Student Council chose to support the Parish appeal for Seafarers during our first half term. Seafarers spend many months away from their homes and loved ones. The Student Council wanted to support the Parish appeal by encouraging pupils to contribute items for the Christmas boxes. The Student Council informed each class on the appeal and provided a list of useful donations that they would like to collect. It was lovely to see lots of items being donated by each year group.

Christmas Craft Fayre

Over the past few weeks the Student Council have worked together to organise our Christmas Craft Faye.  Every class in school made a Christmas Craft to sell.  The children did an excellent job of leading stalls.  It was excellent to see many children, parents and families attend, we managed to raise £300 for our Student Council fund.

Road Safety Week 2018 – Bike Smart

The theme of Road Safety Week 2018 was ‘bike smart’. Within their role of Junior Road Safety Officers, the Student Council completed research to help deliver the message of this theme across to pupils. Pupils produced posters full of information on bike safety to share with classes.

 Christmas Decorations

After asking each class for their ideas, the Student Council purchased some red and gold decorations for our Christmas tree using the Student Council fund.

Parking Pledge January 2019

The Student Council alongside Mrs Sinclair were concerned about the safety of pupils travelling to and from school, mainly due to irresponsible parking in the lane. Whilst looking into ways to encourage more children to walk to school, the Student Council designed our ‘St Paul’s Parking Pledge’ to ease traffic around school at the beginning and end of the day. A letter was sent home to parents asking for the Parking Pledge to be read and a signed slip to be returned to school. Please find the Parking Pledge below. The Student Council hope parents/carers can take this into account when parking to ensure pupils and families can travel safely to and from school.

‘Plastic-free week’ March 2019

During Spring term the Student Council organised a ‘plastic free week’. The Student Council led a whole school assembly informing children of how plastics within packed lunches are often single-use and thrown away each day. The Student Council delivered information on how animals and their habitats are being affected and helpful ways to reduce plastics within our packed lunches. They then sent a letter home to help inform parents of their mission and to give ideas of how to reduce plastic waste from packed lunches. Alongside this we ensured that there were no disposable plastics used throughout school that week and organised other efforts such as no laminating. It was lovely to see a reduction in plastics in packed lunches, we hope to see that this has a longer lasting impact as children continue to learn about the effects of plastic pollution in classes.

Saving energy

This term the Student Council looked into how we could make our classrooms and school more environmentally friendly. We reported back to classes on how to save energy through switching off lights in empty classrooms and making sure interactive whiteboards are not switched on when they are not needed. Over the coming weeks the Student Council will work alongside other pupils and staff to ensure electricity is used responsibly within classrooms.

St Paul’s Peace Garden

The Student Council used some of the funds raised this academic year to improve and tidy up our Peace Garden.